What To Do When Final Cut Pro Won't Upload To YouTube

If you use Final Cut Pro X on a Mac, one of the things you'll want to do is to upload your completed video to YouTube. This should be simple enough - unfortunately, I've seen many of my videographer friends facing problems with this.

Typically, when you upload a video from Final Cut Pro to YouTube, you go to the Share menu and select YouTube. You then click on Publish To YouTube and enter your YouTube Export button and the upload will start.

Using Final Cut Pro to upload video to YouTube

Many folks I know have encountered issues where the video starts to upload, but it hangs there for a long time and doesn't recover. So what do you do?

Well, I've written this article to help you work around this problem. Here are five ways to get your video into YouTube if Final Cut Pro just won't upload it for you.

Workaround 1: Change Your YouTube Password

This is an insidious one - it's not easy to detect. What I've heard is that if your YouTube password has a special character like "&" or "!" in it, Final Cut Pro does not know how to handle it. Try modifying your YouTube password to one with just numbers and alphabets and try again to see if the upload works.

Workaround 2: Export Your Video First

One thing you can do if Final Cut Pro just refuses to upload your video is to export it to your desktop as a simple video file. Then you can just upload it from there into YouTube. Simple enough.

Workaround 3: Use An Upload Utility

Another way to handle the problem is to upload your video using another program. First, export your video from Final Cut Pro and then use a utility like Veescope to upload it to YouTube.

Upload your video to YouTube with Veescope

Workaround 4: Create A YouTube Channel

Some Final Cut Pro users have mentioned that they need to have created a YouTube channel beforehand, otherwise the program won't allow the upload to happen. This has been validated before on the Apple support pages - so try creating your YouTube channel first, then try uploading again and see if it works.

Workaround 5: Upload A Lower Quality Video

Some users have reported that this works. You see, if you're uploading a huge HD video into YouTube, sometimes it takes so long the upload hangs on your computer. So one way around it (if you don't mind lower quality videos on YouTube) is to export to 720p quality and then try the upload again.

Wrapping Up ...

I hope the above helps you out. If you have further problems with Final Cut Pro, or simply want to pick up more skills in this area, I'd suggest you check out GeniusDV or Larry Jordan's site. Between the two sites, you'll have more than enough Final Cut Pro tips to soak up.

Until next time, have fun editing your videos!